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Window tints are the most popular window treatments that offer great benefits. The window tints protect your car or house from heat and ultraviolet sun rays, which fade your window upholstery. Another use of window tints is to save energy costs by blocking heat gain in summer seasons.

Do you know the window tint percentage laws in your state? Many are not aware of these regulations. But it is important to take a look at them. In most states, the maximum level of darkness for windows is 35%.

However, there are exceptions depending on what type of vehicle one has and where one lives. One might be able to get away with having darker windows if they have a limo or bus. This blog post will cover all 50 US States and their respective window tinting percentages by law.


Reduce Heat & Glare

Window film can reduce the heat in your car by up to 50%, which will allow you to sit comfortably while driving. Depending on what type of tinting material ar used. Window treatment option available at our company’s store location near San Francisco Bay Area residents!

Reduce UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays are hard on you, passengers, and your car interior. All of our films block 99%! This helps prevent skin cancer while looking newer longer, too,

Thanks to protection from the shattered glass if there was an accident or even just harsh weather conditions such as rain.The high-quality product we offer to protect all vehicles reduces harmful ultraviolet radiation coming off cars.

People inside don’t get burned sitting by open windows during sunny days when it would otherwise be safe outside due to how much heat energy these particles carry through the air.

Why Paint Protection Film?

The paint protection film is a great way to ensure that your car’s finish stays pristine. Automotive explicit bra films will preserve the quality of your vehicle by limiting damage from various sources, such as road salt and UV rays in sunlight. A professional installer should apply it for you, so do not attempt this yourself!

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