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Best Car Window Sun Shades are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time driving. The sun can be bright out, especially when it’s hitting your windshield at just the right angle.

The interior of your car will never look as good after you park it outside for an afternoon. Sunlight combined with heat is bad news. Especially on leather upholstery and plastics.

This can become dry discolored cracked over time- eventually leading to extensive repair if left untreated! Rubber surfaces suffer too. They develop unpleasant residue to touch, making cleaning necessary every few months or so.

The most obvious solution is to keep your car safe in an enclosed garage. But pretty much every vehicle will have some fraction of its life spent outside and parked while you’re working or running errands. When it’s not feasible for all the windows and doors to be closed (hot summer days). Consider getting a UV-protective sunshade which also ensures comfort inside on these hot speller months.

It would be best to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays of spending too much time in direct sunlight. Luckily there are plenty of different kinds of car window sun shades on the market today. That you can choose from to suit your needs and budget!

What to Consider

You’ll want a car shade that will block out the sun while leaving your shadows intact. The most important factor when shopping for shades on wheels, though? Make sure you measure and choose wisely! A snug fit with light aluminum frames will keep things in place perfectly.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection or risk having something fall off mid-drive down highway 15W from downtown Los Angeles onto Mulholland Highway… I hope this helps make sense because otherwise, what was supposed.

With so many car sun shades to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. A single layer of the product will cover just about any windshield while giving complete protection against UV rays. Also heat fluctuations in traffic patterns. However, this isn’t enough for you. Then there are also options available like two-piece sets.

This allows more versatility when it comes to protecting both front side car window sun shades with their snug fit. Most people store these types on hand during hot months.  Because they can fold right up into compact shapes, making them easy storage solutions.

How We Selected

We’ve compiled a list of the best products for your car based on hands-on experience and review data gathered from sites like AutoGuide. We prioritized diversity in our choices so that every vehicle can find something they need to make their life easier!

1. Coolmade Windshield Sun Shade (2 Pieces) | CoolMade

Now you can enjoy your car without the sun’s harsh rays beating down on you.

These shades come with two round, 28 inches by 31-inch rectangles. That fit any size windshield and will block out 99% of UV from coming into contact with your eyes!

To install, the semi-rigid sides of each shade are pushed into your windshield frame.

Then you can flip down factory sun visors for extra support before debarking them and twisting them in a compact size.  It is included with an included bag!



  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable coverage
  • Simple install and storage


  • A looser fit than one-piece shade

2. A1 Car Windshield Sun Shade

A1 provides a one-piece shade available in seven different sizes. At the smallest size listed. This shade is about 59 inches wide by 21 inches tall and 69″ across at its most significant point, with nine-inch slack allowed for narrow applications.

A1 offers several types of automotive shades designed to be installed on cars or trucks and SUVs. Because they can adapt depending upon your vehicle type without needing any extra parts. The only thing you’ll need during installation is some essential hand tools. Like screwdrivers!

The new foldable shades are just like your favorite pair of cool, made-in-Japan sunglasses. But these can be stored compactly and go wherever you do. If doing this operation inside the cabin is too unwieldy or if there isn’t enough space outside for open-air folding. Try some alternative solutions such as storing them upright against door frames while driving so that they don’t get caught on anything when closing up at night time.


  • One-piece fit
  • Many sizes available


  • Awkward storage procedure

3. Brella Shield Car Windshield Sun Shade
Car Window Sun Shades

With the Brella Shield, you can easily store your sunshade in a small space. It retracted into itself when not needed and expanded to cover your entire windshield.  When necessary with a straightforward touch of its spring-loaded mechanism!

While the manufacturer claims it “fits any windshield,” some reviewers have noted that this mat may be too large for smaller cars. Be sure to double-check your particular vehicle’s dimensions before purchasing!


  • Effortless installation
  • Tiny storage size


  • Only one size is available

4. Enovoe Car Window Sun Shades (Set of 2)

The perfect side window shade, this product can be installed on any vehicle without the need to remove your primary windshield. The mesh material eliminates sunlight glare and blocks out UV rays.  While still allowing you enough visibility both inwards and outward-facing directionally. This is mainly due to its outer rim, which sticks firmly onto glass using static cling properties; these are made even better by rolling down or opening up windows without worrying about having them fall off after only one use!

With 21 by 14 inches, the Enovoe shade is slightly more prominent, and smaller versions are available to suit your vehicle.


  • Semi-transparent
  • Static cling installation


  • It prevents windows from rolling down

5. SafeFit Xtra-Wide Roller Shade

Car Window Sun Shades


The SafeTemp window shades utilize a see-through mesh filter and have the option of using the included roll-up storage mechanism. When opened for ventilation or to remove it from your home without removing all three suction cups on top and bottom. It will hold up well over time as long as they’re reapplied every so often. Just like any other product!

Measurement of this is 18 inches long and 16 inches tall. The smaller version has an even wider 14-inch diameter at only $5 less than its larger counterpart!



  • Compact storage size
  • Allows window to open while rolled up


  • Suction cups slip over time

6. EcoNour Foldable RV Windshield Sun Shade (Set of 2)
Car Window Sun Shades

The EcoNour shades are a simple two-piece set, but they have been enlarge to fit large windshields. This allows up to 100″ comprehensive coverage on your RV or bus!

Twist and bag is the most popular method for storage because of their simplicity. This product will work well on larger vehicles, but if you’re looking to store smaller items, this may not be ideal due to their large size.




  • Extra-large fit


  • Won’t work in cars

7. Pandain Sun Shade Set (6-Piece)

Car Window Sun Shades

For the car enthusiast with a passion for obsessively caring. This kit includes not only a windshield shade but corresponding ones for each side and rear window. While installing these shades. It provides maximum UV protection while keeping you cool inside your vehicle on hot summer days or warm winter nights. With six different options available in total. Three front windows plus three backseat covers. It should be easy enough to find one that works just right without being too inconvenient during daily use hours.

This sunshade set is perfect for those who want to protect themselves from the harmful rays of sunshine. It features two different shades and a storage bag, as well as 12 suction cups that can better affix its sides or rear when driving on hot days!


  • All in one set
  • All-around protection


  • Lengthy installation and storage
  • One size available

8. Universal Folding Car Tent

Car Window Sun Shades

The durability and coverage of the portable tent make it an excellent choice for protecting your car from UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain as well as other outdoor hazards. The large suction cup allows you to attach this device securely on top with straps that tie down easily using included clips or hooks! Rubber pads help protect against scratches during installation, too. So don’t worry about anything scratching up paintwork while driving around town in style!.

This sunshade is the perfect solution to prevent your car from getting damage by dust, dirt, and other debris. It can withstand strong gusts of wind during storms without falling or being blown away! The storage size measures about as significant as a folded-up lawn chair while weighing only 12 pounds. Making it easy enough for anyone in any situation to install themselves at home with this gear.


  • Protects cabin and exterior
  • Shields against other outdoor hazards


  • Requires a lot of setups
  • Not for strong wind
  • Expensive
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